After school life the only way you keep in touch with your friends is though text and call because everyone is busy with their life. But every now and then everyone needs a break from their busy lives and experience that school vibes once again. What better way to do that than with a get together with school friends? Organizing a get together is not easy, but worth every effort.First thing, create a group, add all your friends that you want to plan a get together with. Then decide on the date, discuss with everyone and finalize a day, weekends and public holidays are perfect days for a get together because most are free on that day. Next up is the venue, meet ups can be done at a restaurant or at someone’s house.

If the party is going to be organized at a restaurant, you should call up the restaurant manager and book that day in advance. Chatting and laughing over food is always fun, for this you can contact a catering service, since there are going to be people with different food choices its better to place an order for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes or each one coming to the get together can bring a dish and someone can bring desserts too like chocolate mousse or fruit and nut mix ice cream.

You could even opt for some decorations, a few of you could get together and decorate the place with streamers and balloons and fairy lights so that it adds a nice touch and mood.If your friends have kids you should consider them too, organize a play area for the kids, like a bouncer so that they can have fun too and wouldn’t disturb you while you are enjoying yourselves. You could order bulk lollies online Australia, chocolates for the kids too.

Plan out some events too.

Someone can make a video montage of the school days, that way you could relive your school memories. You could include music too, what’s a meeting with no music, you could create your own playlist with appropriate music and play it on the back ground.Its going to be boring with only music as the entertainment so to make the event more interesting organize games as well, for example musical chairs, two truths and a lie, truth or dare, charades.These are just a couple of ideas if you wish you can add more to make the get together exciting and memorable.