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Ever since you remember, you always take education to reach a goal, to be someone day, to lead a successful career one day, and when it is almost finished, the next thing would be to married to someone. Don’t you think this is really a frustrating and tight trend to follow? The education is must that you should be serious of, and no denying it. But being married and frame to a career in fixed time is quite too much don’t you think, its okay if you have enjoyed the life so far so you can take the responsibility of marriage and lead your career. But this is for the people who only engaged in education ad had no fun all along and now has to marry someone and jump in to another complex life. Why don’t you take a break?

Take a break

She said, it’s really important to take the education, but when you are doing you could take the advantage of free times you get.in high school you might be enjoying but under the restrict rules of your parents. But college life is different that you are all to yourself and you are the one who is responsible for all your actions. And it comes along with this unlimited freedom without no one to boss you around. So take your free time where you don’t have lecture or tutorial s and spend some time with your friends. Take the advantage of the weekends and go for Saturday night clubs with your lover or your friends. This would help you more than you think to relieve the stress of work at your university education and would build the confidence to face any kind of person when you actually trying to work in the real world someday.

Let’s say you are someone who adored the freedom to the fullest in your life going to parties going out with your friends all the time and even enjoyed being out and travelling and exploring all you wanted all alone. And now you have decided to marry the one you love. But you are well aware of the fact that, marriage comes with lot of responsibilities and commitments that you won’t be able to spend that free life of yours to the fullest like before. So at least you have to celebrate your last free time the day before your marriage, if you are a girl, then celebrate it with your friends in a finest hens night that you have chosen all together.So being in a relation or a marriage is not wrong. But enjoying your free life as a single person before you get married is really important to a person as it is the best time of your life and the best part of your life that you will always remembered.