Consumer Marketing Ideas For Acai Bowl Business

If you are someone who know where can you buy Acai from and know about the benefits it offer, then getting into the business of acai bowls can be quiet profitable for you. Smoothie and juice bar market for the acai fruit is quiet profitable as the research suggests. However, as profitable it is, there is a lot of competition as well which cannot be overlooked which is why we have come up with ideas on how to conduct consumer marketing for acai bowl businesses.

  1. Promoting them as Healthy Food

Where can I buy Acai are commonly referred to as options for healthy food which is why we often see them marketed as a healthy treat option online. In today’s world, most working class people have no time to prepare anything healthy for themselves which is why they go for a ready to pick up options. If you market your acai bowls as healthy food, this particular target market will be attracted to your business. Know that more than 80% people are willing to pay for food that is healthy.

  1. Market them as more than Breakfast Food

A lot of people who are in the businesses of selling acai bowls aren’t aware of the full potential of their products and often market it as a breakfast item which halts their sales as not many people are fond of having breakfast from outside. Since acai offers various nutrients, it should not be restricted to be consumed during the day time only. They can be consumed at any time of the day and this should be your opportunity on how to market them to be consumed at any other times besides the breakfast.

  1. Instagram

You may have seen acai fruit being photographed so beautifully mostly on Instagram. Well, the fact that acai is one of the most beautiful fruits in the world, which is why your main target market should be Instagram. When it comes to food chains, Instagram is your place to be as one can really not go wrong there. It’s true that acai looks aesthetic as a food and acai Melbourne when photographed professionally make it attractive for consumers.

  1. Referrals

Customer referrals are one of the most efficient way of marketing and getting new customer’s aware of your brand. In fact, it is commonly said that people who are referred by others tend to make purchases more than through any other sources. For referral marketing, you can use the following ideas:

  • Redeem two bowls of acai if the existing customers bring on a friend with them.
  • Offer a reasonable discount to your existing customer or give any product for free if they bring a friend along.
  • If the existing customer tags your page or group on social media, they get a free product.